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Quality graphic design and web development

Baumhaur Group offers quality graphic design and web development.


We believe in creating memorable and functional designs. Our team strives to provide top-tier design and website development with a special understanding of communication, start-ups, and good online experiences.

We have worked with nearly 100 clients and partners since being founded in 2012.

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Words from our clients

"As an internet retailer, our company relies 110% on creating an effective online presence. The Baumhaur group was able to build that presence for us from scratch and far exceed our expectations."

− Nick Martin, The Pro's Closet

"Baumhaur Group transforms business goals into designs that deliver both the conversion metrics a business owner demands and aesthetics for a great user experience in an efficient timeline. The work is done right the first time, and on the rare occasion that it is not, there are no hassles in making corrections. I wish more UX and Design professionals were as great to work with."

− Ryan Russell, Star Nine Ventures

"When we first approached Baumhaur Group we came with nothing more than a beautiful business idea accompanied with far from beautiful wire frames and page layouts. Through Tim’s creative direction, and a team that appears to be equally gifted, came about a web design that encompassed all of the beauty and functionality that we had hoped for and imagined. It was a pleasure working with the team and an incredible learning experience."

− Roni Szigeti, Huami

"Baumhaur Group saved my project. We were on a short timeline and just after engaging the group, another crisis prevented me from completing a rigorous spec document to outline the project. They with us to flesh out specs, iterated, and delivered world-class designs that exceeded our expectations."

− Steve Reaser, Funding Launchpad

"Tim is an exceptionally bright and inspired entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly on multiple projects for me over the years. He commands great teams and provides exceptional service to accomplish the missions we lay out for the Baumhaur Group."

− Greg Keller, Linksmart, Inc.

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